From: Bedros Keuilian

Date: Wednesday, November 30th 2022

Dear Success Minded Fitness Professional,

Each month hundreds of fitness professionals just like you contact me to find out how much it would cost for me to coach them and help them grow their business to multiple six figures a year.

They do this because they’ve seen the results that other trainers, gym owners, boot camps, and cross training box owners have achieved while working with me.

See, it’s not unheard of for my coaching clients to quickly increase their income by an average of $5,400/month, within the first 60 days of coaching with me.

And then each month after that these same trainers have gone on to add an additional $2,700 to $5,000 a month to their income.

In fact, several of my coaching clients have even increased their revenue by as much as $59,000/month with just a few simple tweaks to their lead generation, program pricing, and sales process.


That’s what I’m known for…

I’m the guy that celebrity trainers, TV networks, and every day trainers and gym owners like you turn to when they want to finally fix their business, double and redouble their income and crush the competitors who are trying to undercut your business and take your clients.

See, I don’t believe in just telling you how great I am at building massively profitable and successful fitness businesses…

….so in just a moment you’ll see multiple case studies of fitness trainers who have graduated from my coaching programs, mastermind groups, and private coaching sessions and have gone on to become local fitness celebrities who know how to attract boatloads of clients and run a highly profitable and successful fitness business.

A Little Problem I Was Plagued With…

Even though each month I get hundreds of trainers from all over the world who want to work with me – I keep having to turn them down.

No matter how much I wanted to work with the trainers who’d reach out to me each and every month, I had a small problem.


FBI1Here’s why –

Until recently, to qualify for my private coaching programs you had to be an industry heavy-hitter who was willing to invest $12,000 for a day of private coaching. And that means you’d have to fly out to meet with me here at my HQ in Southern California.

Or you’d have to join my 7-Figure Formula Mastermind program for $24,000/year (worth every penny, btw) to gain access to my arsenal of profit-building strategies that have taken ordinary fitness studios, gyms and boot camps and made them into client attracting monsters within a matter of months.

And now that my 7-Figure Formula mastermind program is full… and as of writing this there’s a three-month wait to get in on a day of private coaching with me, I simply cannot take on any more coaching clients at this time.

Plus, many of the trainers who have been reaching out to me and asking me to coach them in their business simply can’t afford my mastermind tuition fee or my private coaching rates.

And since I’m not going to turn away trainers and fitness business owners who have the money and can afford to pay my mastermind and coaching fees– that kind of leaves lots of great trainers like you, people who need my help, out in the cold.

Truth is, even though my mastermind and private coaching programs are full of fitness business owners who are willing (and have the means) to pay me an obscene amount of money…

…I still want to be able to help great trainers like you who have the desire, passion, and ambition to grow a local fitness gym or boot camp so that you can reach and help more people in your community get fit, lose fat, and stay healthy

I Racked My Brain And Found a Way To Help You

Recently, I stumbled upon a solution where I can make my coaching and mentoring affordable enough for practically ANY trainer who is serious about turning pro and making a really good living in this industry.

This means I can help YOU take YOUR business to massive success while still keeping my coaching affordable for you.

How Technology Made This Possible

So I got to thinking…

What if I combined the internet and the best that technology has to offer to teach you the best client getting systems and funnels, closing tactics, business systems and profit maximizers?

And what if I got some of my best and highest producing coaching clients to share what’s been working for them?

And what if I could offer group coaching calls where we’d answer your most pressing fitness business questions so that you can know with 100% certainty that you’re going to be successful and massively profitable.

And what if I created a private Facebook community where you and all of my coaching clients can connect, share your success secrets and get access to me and my top coaching clients ….CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT THIS WOULD MEAN FOR YOUR FITNESS BUSINESS?


And to make sure that you had access to all of my resources, tools, tactics and information I’d create a private VIP members only resource site packed with my best tools and tactics so that you can get access to me for a tiny fraction of what my private coaching and mastermind clients pay.


I’m going to teach you how to create marketing funnels that get you paying clients by the boatload, month after month…

I’m going to teach you covert closing tactics that convert leads into paying clients without any pressure or sleazy sales tactics…

I’m going to teach you how to create landing pages that suck out leads and prospects and build a massively responsive email list…

I’m going to show you how to craft email autoresponders that indoctrinate and turn your email list subscribers into raving fans… and then turn your raving fans into loyal clients…

I’m going to teach you how to build, grow, and manage multiple locations so that you can dominate your market space…

I’m going to show you how to hire the right team of trainers and admins AND how to pay them so that they’re motivated to help you grow your business…

I’m going to teach you a lot… this is going to be like getting an MBA in fitness business success from someone who’s been in the trenches and has created multiple 7-figure generating fitness business AND from someone who has helped hundreds of fitness pros just like you take their business to multiple six figures and eight others to seven figure generating businesses.


This is your chance to finally have a REAL BUSINESS that helps hundreds of people in your community…

…a business that is reliable and consistent in growth and most importantly a business that’s high in profits. Because at the end of the day profits are the only thing that pays your bills, feeds your family, builds your lifestyle and gives you freedom!

Best of all you’ll have access to me, my coaching, and all of my tools, tactics and resources to grow your fitness business without ever having to get on a plane and travel out to Southern California.

The Fitness Business Ignition program is designed to accelerate the growth and success of your business.



Fitness Business Ignition is a monthly ongoing coaching, mentoring and support program for fitness pros for personal trainers, group trainers, boot camp owners, cross training box owners as well as Pilates and yoga instructors who own and operate their own business.

Imagine that, each month I’ll practically take you by the hand and show you exactly how to strategically implement the same client getting strategies, referral generation systems, and income boosting tactics that I’ve previously only shared with my multiple six and seven-figure producing private coaching and mastermind clients.

And it’s not going to cost you anywhere near the $12,000 to $24,000 I charge for my private coaching and mastermind programs. In fact, you’ll pay $3.30/day to get access to me, my resources, my business building swipe files, and my top performing coaching clients who will hold you by the hand and make sure that each system that you deploy gets you maximum results.

I’ll give you more details about the Fitness Business Ignition Program in just a second…

If you currently use FitPro Newsletter ™, FitPro Magazine™, or have invested in any of my best-selling fitness business courses, or simply have stumbled upon any of the cutting-edge strategies on my blog, YouTube videos or social media pages then I am 100% certain that we both can agree on this…

My fitness business growth strategies work – and they deliver MAXIMUM RESULTS IN MINIMUM TIME, which is the main reason why I am regarded as the hidden genius behind many of the most successful brands and business in the fitness industry.

And that’s not just lip service …you can see documented evidence of this in the success stories down below…


The Fitness Business Ignition Program Is Not For Everyone! So please read what your peers have to say about my coaching programs – and decide for yourself if it’s right for YOU…